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Alabama Conservatives Fund

In a tough race for the United Senate, Pro-Britt Super PAC helps push Britt to a commanding win.

In a tough race against Trump-endorsed Mo Brooks, Dalton Dismukes, President of Strategy Management helped lead the Pro-Katie Britt Super PAC, Alabama Conservatives Fund, along with other fellow consultants.

In early 2021, Katie Britt, former Chief of Staff to Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), announced she'd be running to replace the longtime Senator Shelby in the United States Senate. Facing an uphill battle, Britt began to make massive steps forward coalesing among the conservative ranks.

Enter: Alabama Conservatives Fund. The Independent Expenditure group (IE), began organizing, rasing money, and planning. Dalton Dismukes of Strategy Management was brought on to assist with communications and strategic planning of the group. Working with other talented consultants, the group was able to spend millions of dollars on targeted texts, digital, and cable and broadcast media around the State of Alabama moving votes one by one to Britts camp.

Britt would go on to claim the #1 spot in the primary with 44.8% of the vote, with Congressman Mo Brooks in a distant 2nd place with 29.2%. Later, Britt would dominate the Republican Primary runoff with a commanding 63.0% of the vote; beating the battered Brooks by 26 points in a race that Brooks was the large favorite to win just a year before.

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